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The key to your happiness is in your awareness. Stay woke



Learn to say NO Learn to say no to all doubts. Learn to say no to all distractions. Learn to say no to all things that do not benefit you. Remember to say NO Remember to say no to indecisions. Remember to say no to manipulations. Remember to say no to underestimations that get in [...]

Finding a soulmate 101

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since it’s “love day” I thought I’d speak about it. Not love, but soulmates! The main thing my uncles and aunties want to talk to me about is marriage. Finding the “bone of my bones” and the “flesh of my flesh” as they say. Weirdly, I actually don’t have a problem with [...]

Take Control

Stop being that girl/guy that lusts after things and people that are not for you. You deserve the lust/ love you keep trying to give everyone else Make rules for yourself and write it down for reference when needed. First on your list should be  - I am special and will treat myself as such [...]

Yoruba Demons to be left in 2016

2016 wasn’t a great year for a lot of us right? Everyone is talking about what to leave behind in 2016. Situationships…fake rice….fuckboys/karishikas…MMM…the “talking stage”...Bobrisky (Osheyyyy barrdessttt)…Donald Trump’s madness and MANY other things. But can you imagine?…when Donald Trump (who many believe to be a racist, a sexist, an elitist…pretty much ineligible to run a [...]