Take Control

Stop being that girl/guy that lusts after things and people that are not for you. You deserve the lust/ love you keep trying to give everyone else Make rules for yourself and write it down for reference when needed. First on your list should be  - I am special and will treat myself as such [...]


Yoruba Demons to be left in 2016

2016 wasn’t a great year for a lot of us right? Everyone is talking about what to leave behind in 2016. Situationships…fake rice….fuckboys/karishikas…MMM…the “talking stage”...Bobrisky (Osheyyyy barrdessttt)…Donald Trump’s madness and MANY other things. But can you imagine?…when Donald Trump (who many believe to be a racist, a sexist, an elitist…pretty much ineligible to run a [...]