Yoruba Demons to be left in 2016

2016 wasn’t a great year for a lot of us right? Everyone is talking about what to leave behind in 2016. Situationships…fake rice….fuckboys/karishikas…MMM…the “talking stage”…Bobrisky (Osheyyyy barrdessttt)…Donald Trump’s madness and MANY other things. But can you imagine?…when Donald Trump (who many believe to be a racist, a sexist, an elitist…pretty much ineligible to run a country) won the presidency of the United States, it was a monumental and very serious time for our generation…and the only other thing I saw on Twitter and Instagram besides the new president elect was:“I’m tired of all these Yoruba boys, they’re all demons” So yea… everyone please add to your list: “YORUBA DEMONS” &“MEN ARE SCUM” to be left in 2016.
Does this sound familiar?

“Until men stop cheating, you all are scum” or

“No really…all Yoruba guys ARE demons” or better yet

“I’ve been cheated on and seen Yoruba guys lie, cheat, and hide their child or wife from their girlfriend”


But I can’t lie, I read about how a girl paid her boyfriend’s way through school (serious money), and he left her to marry another woman. THAT one is very painful like many other stories some ladies have lived. But to be fair, not all Yoruba men are capable of doing that. It hurts for me to say, but she had a bad one. How do you spot a bad one? That’s for another time.


But we have heard you all and have heard you all very well. Ladies…we know you all want us to act better, love better, not cheat/lie/waste your time. Right? Yes? Okay great. See…the truth is ladies… some of us Yoruba guys act well and others choose not to. Simple. It’s literally as simple as that. Entertain the guys that act well. If he does not…LEAVE HIM or accept him for how he is for God’s sake. It’s not every time you have to go on Twitter or Instagram to talk about how bad the men you meet are. No one cares. Why? Because it’s hard for a majority of people to find a good one. Ohh…you think you’re the only one trying to find a wife or husband? Or having trouble dating? Let me even speak on myself. I’ve met bad women this year, women I can’t marry. Should I now complain online up and down? No, I choose to keep searching and be optimistic. I mean camman, who does slandering a whole sex epp? Us guys have our own stories too but that’s for another time.


Here’s some relationship/dating advice to hold from Brother Démo: 

“You’re not asking for too much. You’re only asking the wrong person to give it to you.”


Yoruba men are getting married every day, abroad and back home. Some will make good husbands and others will fail greatly. God help us all. But out of us guys looking to marry soon…I don’t know any one of us that is looking for a woman professing “men are scum” “Yoruba Demons this and that” up and down. Please leave that talk to the younger ones and the girls who want to be single.


“I say it as a joke, don’t take it too seriously” or “Why is calling Yoruba boys, demons such a problem?”

“If it doesn’t apply to you, why are you worried about me saying it?”

Those are good questions, yes. Here are better questions though,

“Why not speak positivity on one’s own dating life? Or “Why give so much attention to guys who are no good?


Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Speak good things to yourself. I believe if you think all men are scum, then all men will be scum. If you think all Yoruba guys are demons, then all Yoruba guys your way will be demons. But please…there is God oo. Have faith in God. God is not cruel, He created good and evil. There are good men and bad men, no perfect men though, sorry. As you live your Nollywood drama that is your life, ladies…drop “Yoruba Demon” please, we are sorry. And if you still insist all Yoruba men are demons, then pick one already. 

Happy New Year! 


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