The Reality Is..



Sometimes you feel great about yourself

You feel as though you are making progress 

Things are going as planned

But then things start falling apart.. one at a time 

You breakdown and can’t understand what you did wrong 

Why is everything falling apart.. literally

You clearly thought it was!

Well reality is…

You have no power, you have no control

You cannot plan and expect things to be the way you want them to.

It’s out of your hands, out of your might.

Worry less, Hope more

Stress less, Accept more

Do not think that you have it all figured out

Do not strive to have it all figured out

Simply live

Live a fulfilling life while you have the chance

You are entirely powerless and you have no control over anything..


3 thoughts on “The Reality Is..

  1. Hi this is why we call it life . just make sure you get the best out of happy with who you are. stop looking outside of yourself look with in you for an answer more blessings in the name of God amen.

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    1. Individual progress should be measured but it’s important to not beat yourself over the harsh reality that is life. You should make plans and live a meaningful life but do not question your inability to meet certain goals that are destined to flop. 🤷‍♀️


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