Dear Lost one

Often times life presents it's self as a maze, so substances are sought as viable solutions- after all, these are easily available medium of escape... But these alternating shortcuts have been subjectively proven to be temporary. Scientifically, they are known to permanently distort; no matter the level of minimality. Attempt understanding that in an alternative [...]


The biggest Irony, Life

Isn't it ironic, how we run away from everything that hurts us but always end up in pain? How we are afraid to open our heart to avoid heartbreaks, when in fact the heart is made to be broken? In fact, everything in life is made to be broken. Ironic, isn't it? We stand and [...]

Tolerance Vs Understanding

In the current world where division exists in various forms such as religious, race, ethnic, social and gender segregation several world leaders and global speakers have constantly preached tolerance as the solution to this tumour rapidly killing the dream of global unison. In my one year as an international student I was opportune to meet [...]